Dastkar’s primary aim is supporting the craftsperson in whatever way required. The goal is always for a craftgroup to become self-sustaining and independent of Dastkar so that the organisation can continue to reach out further to other craftgroups requiring assistance. Some of the services provided to craftgroups are:

  • Identifying appropriate markets
  • Sourcing raw materials
  • Building craft communities
  • Organizing workshops and training programs
  • Sampling, Production Planning & Product Development
  • Skill upgradation
  • Pricing and costing
  • Documentation
  • Marketing
  • Information sharing and networking
  • Consultation and strategy development

Dastkar undertakes design consultancy, local and international (export) sales consignment, event management projects, offers business auxiliary services any other commercial activities required to develop craft and support craft people through HANDS ON Dastkar Artisan Development Pvt. Ltd.

HANDS ON Dastkar Artisan Development is a private limited company, registered under The Companies Act, 1956. The company aims to preserve and popularize the traditional arts and crafts and to improve socio-economic condition of artisans and craftspeople.

We also conduct informal market surveys, gather customer feedback and make regular analysis of sales figures for each craftgroup; all of which forms the basis for the following year’s planning and development.